Music Time Machine


⭐ 課程特式 ⭐


旅程充滿活力、歡樂和互動的樂趣!時光機即將起飛 – 您準備好參加這個旅程嗎

⭐ 上課形式 ⭐

課程以廣東話授課配合英文教材,並採用Zoom (Live Online)進行 (須有成人陪同,家傭即可,父母更佳),毋須外出。

⭐ Course Features ⭐

Music is a BIG business, A clever Squareling has invented a Music Time Machine that lets us travel back in time to meet great musician from different eras!

In this musical adventure, children learn about great composers starting from the Baroque period through to the Classical, Romantic and Modern periods such as Bach, Mozart, Strauss ad Gershwin. Children will learn to appreciate classical music through the ages and music written for different performances such as ballets by Tchaikovsky and operas by Bizet.

Lessons are energetic and full of melodious, interactive fun!
The time machine is taking off soon – Are you ready to come along?

⭐ Class Delivery ⭐

The course is taught in Cantonese with materials in English and is conducted using Zoom (Live Online) (Child needs to be accompanied by an adult), no need to go out.


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